Oak Plaza - Westmont, Illinois


Whether you are looking to buy or sell you will quickly discover our "modus operandi" is dictated by a strong, inter-personal relationship with our client. You will be assigned your own Account Team whose sole responsibility is to optimize the value of your transaction.

This value by the way, transcends the financial into the personal, with regard to your valued time.  We'll never inundate a selling client with unqualified customers—just as we would never waste a prospective purchaser's time with unqualified properties.

When looking for a new business location, we'll thoroughly evaluate your present situation and needs, and then compare them with your projected growth and future demands.  Because only then can we successfullly locate the property that's just right for your specialized needs—whether you are a single- or multi-property owner.

And when it's time to sell, our respected team of sales professionals will be there to provide you with the latest, most accurate computer-based data on current market prices availability and value.

Since 1908, this diverse and valued sales experience has taught us to adhere to one unalterable cardinal rule..."Your ultimate satisfaction is our only concern."


A key and ever-increasing role in our consultation services is the ability to act as your personal real estate department, either on a full-time or project-by-project basis.  These services include a feasibility study which will help establish your goals and objectives, investigation of sites, geographic relocation studies, required size of space analysis, an examination of the economics of relocation, as well as the overall impact of the facility with regard to how it will affect the quality of your working environment.

In addition, it has become fairly common that one or more members of the Price Associates team is brought in as an outside consultant during real estate negotations.  Our reputation for objective, impartial, analytical opinions have won the respect of the legal, financial, and real estate community throughout the entire country.

We offer this professional service for a fee in numerous areas, including...

  • Analysis and evaluation of your immediate and long range real estate objectives
  • The structuring of your real estate transaction
  • Seasoned advice on the specific handling of your negotiations
  • The options and ramifications of available financing

As you can see, the scope of our consultation services are quite broad—and yet these represent but a few of the areas in which our professional staff of consultants is ready to help you with your particular needs.